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Join us for updates on the most exciting adventures in luxury travel, fine dining, wining, and mixology around the globe. We bring you the latest in luxury travel news and culinary happenings in the most exciting cities, splendid hotels and resorts, exotic isles, and the elegant riverboats and cruise ships sailing the world’s great rivers and seas.

In Luxury Travel Tips, we keep you current on the latest luxury travel services, programs and property updates while Travel Bytes features specific culinary events at the resorts, destinations and aboard the vessels. Á la Carte brings you news of music festivals, artisan fairs and other exciting happenings around the globe.

Festivals for Foodies alerts you to events celebrating everything from chocolate, coffee and truffles to the finest cuisines, wines, spirits and brews. In Featured Recipes, you’ll find dishes, appetizers and cocktails fashioned by the world’s most creative chefs and mixologists from the pages of our award-winning FIVE STAR RECIPES from WORLD FAMOUS HOTELS & RESORTS and SIGNATURE COCKTAILS & APPETIZERS from AROUND THE WORLD, the first two books in our Taste of Travel series.

Linda Lang’s

Taste of Travel Books

We are very proud to have received the North American Travel Journalists Association 2014 Travel Guide or Book Bronze Award for FIVE STAR RECIPES from WORLD FAMOUS HOTELS & RESORTS. In this first volume of the series, you journey with us to London, Guernsey, Berlin, Geneva, Italy’s Amalfi Coast, South Africa, Caribbean, Maui, New Zealand, Bali, and other magical locales to experience some of the world’s most spectacular hotels and get their signature recipes.
North American Travel Journalists Association.

In SIGNATURE COCKTAILS & APPETIZERS from AROUND THE WORLD, you’ll visit more of the finest luxury properties and posh riverboats, meet legendary bar tenders and enjoy sumptuous lounges that have welcomed celebrities and other notables for generations. You’ll not only enjoy beautiful photos of these magnificent properties, their beverages and culinary creations. You’ll get recipes for their signature cocktails and appetizers which you can prepare at home and enjoy with friends.


Linda Lang

As founding principal and creative director of Linda Lang’s Taste of Travel, Linda has specialized in luxury travel, gourmet wining and dining around the world for over three decades. She has stayed in the world’s most iconic luxury hotels, dined in their fine restaurants, sampled signature cocktails in legendary bars, met with chefs, attended exclusive gatherings in world-class wine cellars, and watched gastronomy evolve into a major part of the travel experience over the decades.

She has crossed the Atlantic at twice the speed of sound on the Concorde, traveled the Orient Express from Istanbul to Paris, seen bird’s-eye views of the French countryside from hot air balloons, walked the cobbled streets of medieval villages and avenues of the world’s great cities, sailed the clear waters of the Caribbean, Tahiti, and Hawai’i, and cruised the seas aboard luxury cruise ships and the waterways of Europe on elegant riverboats.

Linda is also travel editor of Southern California Life Magazine, an upscale national publication focusing upon the California lifestyle, before which she served 10 years as travel editor for Westlake Magazine, a luxury lifestyle city publication.

Linda Lang’s

Books & Journals

An offshoot of Taste of Travel, Linda Lang’s Books & Journals focuses upon food, entertaining, personal development and other lifestyle skills that contribute to our pleasure and well-being.

To date, she has authored two eBooks for Amazon: top-ranked THE PARTY PLANNER and FAVORITE PARTY RECIPES

The newest release, GIFT JOURNAL: A 5-YEAR GIFT DIARY, finally gives you one place to keep track of birthdays, anniversaries and all other important dates, gift ideas, clothing sizes, wish lists, and gifts given each family member and friend for five years. It even includes a section for re-gifting.Forget the stickies and bits of paper, and you’ll never again forget an important date or that special someone.

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